How does real time reporting work, and what are the benefits to me?

With our user-friendly app-based reporting tool, the divide between site, office and client is redundant- showing that collaboration is now more important than even in ensuring client satisfaction.

Working closely with their Account Managers and Admin teams, our trades onsite represent our brand and are an integral part of ensuing clients’ needs are met and often exceeded- having the app ensures that any questions or concerns can be answered instantly. Our real time reporting and content visibility, ensures they have the support of their extended team, at the click of a button. Via the app our trades complete an OH&S assessment before anything they do- making sure they think about the task they are undertaking, ensuring the safety of our client, the public, the environment and themselves. With the app prompting them to place safety first always, it is a timely reminder that we can never take ours or another’s safety for granted.

With the compliance and safety completed they are prepared to start the job- with the app based programme there is a specific form that gets completed by the staff executing the task onsite. Commonly this report includes description of works, before and after photos and a client’s signature verifying times and quality of workmanship before the staff are to leave site. The reports and summaries for the day are then reviewed by our trades and their admin team, ensuring the quality is at the required standard.

Content, frequency and number of reports and forms that the trades complete is dependent on what we need to provide to our clients. All forms can be tailored to suit specific maintenance and compliance needs for any budget or industry sector.

Collaborating and working so closely with our clients to understand their needs ensures we have a solid foundation for sustainable working relationships. Real time reporting is such an asset for any business that wants to be able to understand their clients in a live environment and use that understanding to provide exceptional service. Now more than ever, relationships based on trust, transparency and quality are an essential part of your business and its culture for all stakeholders.

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