COVID and what it means to ML&H Services Pty Ltd

Wow what a unique time we live in, with so much out of our control it can be an unsettling time for individuals and businesses alike. It feels like no matter what we plan, propose or try to implement it can all change in the blink of an eye, and remind us of what is truly important.

Before, during and after COVID, ML&H Services Pty Ltd has always prided itself on being transparent and stakeholder centric. We continue to operate with this in focus, but with obvious changes to our office, working and home environment. To our suppliers and clients alike thank you, thanks for showing flexibility with administration tasks-working from home has meant our hours have changed and your understanding, flexibility and safety focus has been appreciated. With some of our staff, helping their children with remote learning whilst doing their roles- thank you, your adaptability has been commendable and something we could not have survived without. We understand how stressful and confronting this situation has been for many of you. With us all doing our bit to ensure a safe, effective and better return to normal we are truly blessed to have such a great community- the spirit and support has been truly refreshing and uplifting to see.

Although we are unsure of what exactly the future will look like for small business we do know that the spirit, innovation and support is uplifting and with us all working together to ensure everyone’s safety and success, it may be uncertain but it is equal parts exciting. The change will benefit the environment, our work life balance, our priorities and our focus- lets use this time to support and uplift each other (whilst social distancing) as much as possible.

With the obvious concerns and restraints about material and product accessibility from overseas, now more than ever we need to support local and use this time to reflect on what we could be manufacturing and producing at a local level. The long-term impact of COVID at this stage is unpredictable but we can assume that for many it has the potential to be catastrophic- physically, emotionally and financially. As a community we need to be open to and prepared for change and placing value on what is truly important to us and the financial viability of our country. With a shift in perception- a new focus on sustainability, local sourcing, production and a circular economy we have the ability to create a better future.

As difficult, confronting and hard as this year has been so far, it has been an absolute pleasure to experience this with such amazing staff, clients, suppliers and community together we can make the conscious decision to help, uplift and support each other and change the meaning of normal for future generations.

Lets pull together and not apart.

Stay safe

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