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ML&H Services Pty Ltd provides needs based maintenance solutions for our clients- ensuring all dealings are ethical and transparent with a focus on sustainability, quality, OH&S, equality and client satisfaction. 

When practicable we source materials from local and sustainable resources- always looking for innovative ways to positively support a circular economy.

The Latest UPDATE

MARCH 15, 2021

With ML&H Services being a small business, our GM saw the opportunity to start the conversation around this complex issue and be part of the movement of change from the start – with the commitment to support the Primary Prevention approach.



Complete maintenance services for any size business with a focus on quality, efficiency and attention to detail.


Children's Recreational Playspaces

Handcrafted in Australia to the highest quality using locally sourced materials, our expert tradespeople have extensive experience working with childcare facilities. This ensures our products are optimal for children's recreation and development while adhering to the strictest safety guidelines.

up-to-date maintenance solutions

With real time, app-based reporting, the communication between site and office is instant, ensuring complete transparency with all stakeholders. Maintenance plans tailored to your business, ensures that all client budgets and priorities remain in focus throughout our contract.

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